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We sure do! We have very fond memories of our parents and grandparents – from the delicious food they cooked to the wisdom they bestowed. We feel extremely privileged for these experiences.

Our Nonna would continually tell us to “Eat, Eat” whenever we shared a meal together. And as much as we enjoyed her cooking, this plea to eat more was after we had already eaten more than our share and were ready to roll ourselves home. Lucky for us, meals were usually shared with other family members, so Nonna was always happy as they too could have “extra” food heaved onto their plates!

Being young at this time, and attempting to fit into the Australian culture, we had no idea how precious these experiences were. From growing our own produce, to the whole family getting together for annual events including making tomato sauce or pork sausages to simply sharing an evening together singing Italian songs or playing cards, these experiences and traditions were just the way it always was. We took for granted it would always remain like that.

Much of our generation are finding it more difficult to make time to keep family and cultural traditions alive. From a fast paced lifestyle, to socio-economic changes, the reasons are many. While we are still blessed to have grandparents and parents around, we must learn and embrace these traditions, so they can be passed on to future generations.

This is what has led us to create Back 2 Basics Traditions.

Our mission is to preserve the knowledge of our ancestors and pass them on to future generations. Together we cannot let them become lost and forgotten.

We teach about traditional culture, lifestyle and how to create simple, wholesome, healthy meals using seasonal produce including those grown in your own garden – key ingredients to live longer, happier and healthier.

We hold unique cooking classes, food tours and shared table experiences. These are events where we can share, learn and experience these traditions firsthand. They will motivate you to bring family and friends to your own shared table.

We also make high quality traditional foods which are seasonally hand-made. We are extremely proud of our products which contain absolutely no artificial preservatives, are largely sourced from local South Australian and Australian growers and are produced in limited quantities. You can be assured our products are of the highest quality and we believe, the best tasting!

Follow us online, enjoy our products, share your stories and be part of our events – we want to inspire you to get back to basics.

‘learn to be a cook & not a chef!’ – Rob