Back 2 Basics Traditions Winter Grapefruit Spritz

You may remember our adventure into the Cartizze hills in the Valdobbiadene region of northern Italy where we were fortunate to stumble upon the finest organic Prosecco being produced at the Pdc vineyard by winemaker Pietro De Conti (you can read about it here). Reminiscing about a northern summer spent wandering vineyards and sipping on a Prosecco Aperol Spritz to keep cool, we were inspired to create this classic Italian aperitivo in the depths of the Australian winter.

With a few bottles of Prosecco still unopened, ample supplies of winter grapefruit even after a cake baking spree (see our Coconut, Grapefruit & Chocolate Cake and Grapefruit & Almond Cake with Vino Cotto recipes) and a Honey & Walnut liqueur from South Australia’s Kangaroo Island, the Back 2 Basics Winter Grapefruit Spritz was born!


Coconut, Grapefruit & Chocolate Cake

Inspired by the Guns N’ Roses single, Sweet Child o’ Mine (read here) we searched old recipe books for delicious grapefruit cake ideas. And we certainly did find 2 classic citrus cake recipes for you!

This is our second recipe we uncovered (check out our first sumptuous cake recipe – Grapefruit & Almond Cake with Vino Cotto), which beautifully balances the tangy grapefruit with the natural sweetness of coconut and honey. The texture is great with the crunch of coconut chips, walnuts and always delicious dark chocolate bits.


How To Make Fig Jam Fit For Royalty

Why let an abundance of delicious in-season foods go to waste during times of plenty when there are many simple ways to conserve them?

Here at Back 2 Basics Traditions we are fascinated with the many different methods of food preservation. From sun drying, to smoking, to curing, pickling, and making jams. Yes, those brilliantly colourful jars of sweet jam is a traditional method for conserving in-season fruits.

The conserving of fruits has quite an interesting history which reveals how