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Broad Bean Chips Front

Sprouted Australian Broad Bean Chips


A nutritional powerhouse that’s super tasty! Our Australian Broad Beans are sprouted and then air-fried to create a sumptuous and healthy traditional southern Italian alternative to fried potato chips.

An amazingly versatile addition to your pantry, that even the kids will love.

Size: 100g

Oak Aged Vino Cotto

Oak Aged Vino Cotto


Back 2 Basics Traditions Vino Cotto is hand crafted according to special traditions from the pure ‘must’ of freshly pressed South Australian dark grapes.

This Vino Cotto is truly unique, with a delicious & special flavour making it a superb addition that will bring out all the flavours in your cooking – from vegetables to meat dishes to a natural healthy sugar alternative.

It is spectacular on-top of our Gluten Free Fig and Olive Cracker with an aged cheese.

Size: 250ml

Premium South Australian Dry Roasted Almonds


Premium South Australian Dry Roasted Almonds.

We source directly from the grower to ensure we only use the best quality local and in-season almonds.

You will enjoy the delicious difference of quality hand roasted South Australian almonds.

Size: 250g

Olives Brined

Brined South Australian Kalamata Olives


Back 2 Basics Traditions brined Kalamata Olives are sourced direct from the highest quality olive groves in South Australia.

Cured using traditional Italian methods, our olives are fermented over many months to bring out the sweet full flavour of chemical free olives.

Size: 150G and 300G