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Broad Bean Chips

Sprouted Australian Broad Bean Chips


A nutritional powerhouse that’s super tasty! Our Australian Broad Beans are sprouted and then air-fried to create a sumptuous and healthy traditional southern Italian alternative to fried potato chips.

An amazingly versatile addition to your pantry, that even the kids will love.

Size: 100g

Oak Aged Vino Cotto


Back 2 Basics Traditions Vino Cotto is hand crafted according to special traditions from the pure ‘must’ of freshly pressed South Australian dark grapes.

This Vino Cotto is truly unique, with a delicious & special flavour making it a superb addition that will bring out all the flavours in your cooking – from vegetables to meat dishes to a natural healthy sugar alternative.

It is spectacular on-top of our Gluten Free Fig and Olive Cracker with an aged cheese.

Size: 250ml